Irish Dance knows no boundaries

Celtic Roses springs to life through the vision of Perla Davide and Letizia Perin, dancers with over a decade of experience in Irish dance.
This new project is dedicated to expressing the profound passion and unwavering commitment that has forever bound us to the realm of music and traditional folk dances. Celtic Roses aspires to capture and showcase the genuine essence of Irish dance, and beyond, in all of its diverse forms.

Dancing Tales by the Fire

The new Irish dance show “Dancing Tales by the Fire” is a journey through dance and music over the centuries, in which tradition comes to life and evolves up to the present day, tracing connections with other dance styles such as tap, but not only. A unique show, with music, dance and singing – thanks also to new techniques and virtuosity – ready to fascinate spectators with this story with strong Irish roots.

Perla Davide

I have been dancing since my childhood, and my strong passion for dance and arts has always driven me. I started training in ballet at the age of 4, and then in 2008, I came into Irish dance. My passion continued to grow through the years, pushing me to improve myself until Irish dancing became my main job.
My journey in Irish dancing began with my studies at Gens d’Ys Academy, to whose teachers I owe the technique and love that I developed for the Irish dancing world. As a student, I used to compete, and the rigorous training pushed me to work hard and improve myself until I qualified twice in Irish Dancing World Championships, in 2017 in Dublin and the following year in Glasgow.
Since I was 14 years old, I started performing with the Academy’s show group, dancing all around Italy and Europe in some of the most important festivals, events, and theaters in Celtic Music business. At the age of sixteen, I also began teaching children and teens, and later adult classes, discovering that teaching was one of my greatest passions. From 2018 to 2023, I served as the choreographer and lead dancer of the Gens d’Ys Academy Company.
Simultaneously, I completed a three-year professional dance training program at SPID, Italian Professional Dance School in Milan, earning a diploma as a dancer and dance teacher. I also completed a one-year training program at La Scuola del Musical.
Currently, I am the creator and dancer of the Celtic Roses project, in collaboration with Letizia Perin.

Letizia Perin

My love for dancing started at the age of 5. I trained in modern, jazz, and hip-hop until 2011, when my strong passion for Irish Dancing was ignited and became one of the most important aspects of my life. I studied at Gens d’Ys Academy, where I had the opportunity to join the show group in various folk festivals, events, and theatres both in Italy and abroad. I also became a teacher for dancers of all ages.

My long-standing dream and goal have been to become a better teacher and performer. In 2019, I started studying at SPID Dance Academy, a professional school in Milan, where I graduated in 2022 in various dance styles, including ballet, modern, contemporary, and hip-hop. I also developed skills in acting and singing. These academic studies have enabled me to adopt a more professional approach, especially in Irish dancing, as I continuously strive to improve myself, making dancing my primary career.

The creation of this new project “Celtic Roses” was born from the dream of combining my skills within a new artistic vision that brings to the stage all the dedication and passion, not only for Irish dance but beyond. This new adventure aims to allow the audience to experience a fresh concept of entertainment that I am confident will evoke powerful emotions.

Letizia Perin

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Preserving tradition,
Shaping it for Modern Times

“An exhilarating blend of tradition and modernity! The Irish Dance Academy’s show is a must-see
leaving you tapping your feet and clapping in pure amazement.”

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